Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Community Transportation Project?

With out community work projects there is no community. Capitalism has separated us into single units competing for money. Garden sharing projects, solar power installation, building small electric vehicles for people that would use them inplace of petroleum powered vehicles, are projects that could bring us together.

A bike share project made up of locally engineered vehicles for the steep terrain, and locally built would be a very good example.

I have lived with out a car for over 36 years. And written as much as I can about it. I realize that people are going to need to get a bit more desperate before they start thinking about working together to solve the basic problems of life. But eventually projects like this will happen.

Building something like small electric vehicles (from utility bicycles to exotic micro cars) may need to start small with just a few people. The Recyclery was not interested simply because they thought that they couldn't sell them for enough to pay for the labor; still thinking in terms of money as the bottom line. But once people start disconnecting labor from money, many more things will be possible.

Read my non-profit blog about utility cycling technology for the many different aspects of of minimalist transportation.

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